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Small Business Trucking Game-Changing Apps

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

When it comes to shipment management for small business trucking, a smartphone is a business owner’s best friend. In addition to providing a means of relaxation and entertainment (Candy Crush, anyone?) smartphone apps are helping small companies change the game and improve efficiency.

From savvy startups to big-name tech giants, companies are looking to reinvent the way small business trucking operates.

Convoy is a start-up from SeatAugust 18th Blog Imagetle that aims to create an on-demand shipment management service for truckers.  Local truckers will be given a smartphone app in which they can see and accept shipments that can be delivered in one day. This benefits the trucker by allowing for more deliveries per day and immediately connects the drivers with clients who need goods shipped. The smartphone app will have a added security feature in the interface which allows the clients to follow its product in transit, right on the map.

Blackberry, the one-time leader in the smartphone game, has just launched a new product aimed at helping trucking companies track goods in transit. Blackberry Radar is a product for trucking companies that provides tracking and logistic support. This tracking support has many benefits including reducing cost of operations, improving on-time delivery, and preventing theft. The way the tracking software works is that you install a tracking device on the trailer door of your truck, then the radar sends real-time alerts when the vehicle has driven through a defined area. The radar can also send information on the humidity and temperature levels. It also helps the warehouse workers be aware of when a shipment is going to arrive.

Whenever you travel, CLC lodging is here for all your workforce accommodation needs. Find out how you can save an average of 20-40% on advertised costs with your CheckINN card.

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Idling Trucks Cost Big Bucks

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Myths and Facts

How can you cut costs for your fleet without sacrificing quality?  This conundrum has long plagued fleet owners and C-level freight company managers. Despite best intentions, cost-cutting measures are often unwittingly undermined by vehicle operators. Fleets leak billions thanks to a handful of long-standing myths and mistakes about idling trucks. We first wrote about the high cost of idling trucks in 2012, and the myths persist today.

For years, conventional wisdom held that starting and stopping a diesel engine caused more wear and tear than letting the truck idle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), idling wears down internal parts twice as fast as driving at regular highway speeds.March 2, 2016 Blog Picture

The myth of the mandatory engine warm-up is equally pervasive. The long-held belief that a diesel engine needs to “warm up” before it can be driven can be blamed on older fuel formulas that used to gel in cold weather. In fact, most engine manufacturers state that idling a truck for more than 3 minutes does more harm than good. Diesel fuels on today’s market are better formulated to withstand cold weather, so gelling is no longer a legitimate concern.

Beyond engine maintenance costs, the IDEM estimates that the trucking industry lost a whopping $3 billion in fuel costs thanks to idling trucks. Equally disturbing are the health and environmental impacts, as diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen linked to varying chronic illnesses.

Idling trucks cost more than they save. That’s why your best bet is to book with CLC Lodging. Our custom solutions specialists will negotiate the best rate for you within our wide hotel network across the U.S. and Canada. Find out how you can protect your fleet and save 20-40% on advertised costs with a quick quote today.

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The Dangers of Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Drowsy DrivingNovember 2015 Blog Image Awareness week is November 1-8, 2015, so this is the perfect time to spread the message that inadequate or insufficient sleep can impair drivers as badly as alcohol. You may know the classic signs of feeling sleepy, such as yawning, but did you know that irritability and wandering thoughts can also be red flags?  According to the National Sleep Foundation, the drivers in the highest risk categories are young drivers, night shift workers, people with untreated sleep disorders, business travelers, and commercial drivers. The Foundation also cites $12.5 billion in monetary losses from drowsy driving accidents.

Happily, you can take steps to prevent these sometimes deadly incidents, including checking into one of CLC’s 17,000 hotels nationwide. With the Check-INN card, you don’t even need a reservation—just walk right in and receive up to 40% on workforce travel.

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Managed Travel Alternative

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Business travel management programs have come a long way over the years but, managed travel is still not meeting every requirement that business travelers want.

In a recent article on Business Travel News, the article states that the elements of managed travel include online tools, visibility of noncompliant bookings and internal budgeting assistance. Many companies are allowing their employees to search online for the hotel they would like to stay in, giving them a few guidelines to follow. Allowing the employees to book their own hotel room can create more work for your company. Business Travel News explains, “This concept will increase travel costs, increase productivity costs and lose valuable data, from both a risk-management and a supplier optimization standpoint.” Travel program administrators will spend more time handling expense reports and monitoring program guidelines if done this way.

The alternative? Implement a travel management program that will free up your administrator’s time. CLC Lodging provides a directory of hotels to your company that fall within your company’s preferred suppliers and negotiated rate. Your employees will check-in with their CLC CheckINN card at authorized hotels, and CLC Lodging takes over from there. Each bill is run through a 52 point audit to ensure the hotel stay was authorized and that the company will only be billed for room & tax. At that point, your company will be billed and provided with consolidated reporting.

While savings remain the major objective, the traveler experience is also top of mind as technology and data offer new opportunities for user-friendly services that support the travel program. CLC Lodging’s Hotel Locater App allows business travelers to access the CLC hotel directory from their smart phone so they can easily find a hotel when they are on the road.

CLC Lodging offers many benefits that conform to the purchasing behaviors of your company. Click here to request more information.

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The Secrets behind Hotel Fees

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

When you check out of a hotel, you may see additional line items detailing hotel fees. This is not a new concept that has been implemented by hotels. In fact, hotel fees have always existed but within the last few years it is more common to see the fees separate from the room rate on hotel charge summaries. Separating the extra fees from the room rate allows consumers to customize their stay and choose which amenities they want to use and not be charged for amenities they are not using. One thing you can do to prepare yourself is calling the hotel before the stay. Ask what fees they charge outside of the room rate and tax. Asking questions will prepare you for unexpected charges and help you save money. Learn more about hotel fees below:

  • Early check-in and check-out or cancellation fee: You may run into these fees if your lodging plans change at the last minute. As a CLC Lodging customer, when you stay in our network hotels, you can take advantage of 24 hour length of stay and last minute cancellation so you will not experience this fee.
  • Minibar items: Most people know that items in the minibar aren’t free, but you may also run into a restocking fee. Ask the front desk before you grab something from the minibar if you want to avoid these potential fees. 
  • WiFi charges: Many hotels have free WiFi but some have tiered WiFi charges. Check with the hotel on their internet policy to determine if you will be charged to use high speed internet versus basic internet access.
  • Gym fee: There may be a fee for the use of their gym. If you are staying with a hotel for an extended period of time, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a discount on your gym use.
  • Baggage holding: Some hotels have a baggage holding fee for each bag you want to leave at the front desk.

As aCLCLodging customer, you are only charged for the room rate, tax, and fee when you hand the front desk yourCLCCheckINN card. Any additional fees or charges must be charged separately. This feature gives business owners an advantage of paying for the room rate and not the extra amenities.

Interested in seeing how your company could benefit from CLCLodging’s hotel management program? Request more information today.

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CLC Announces Hotel Locator iPhone app – Coming Soon!

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Workforce travelers and administrators – business lodging with CLC just got even easier. CLC Lodging is proud to announce its Hotel Locator iPhone app – available for free through Apple’s iTunes store in Q4 of 2012. With its hotel search tool using iPhone’s built-in GPS capability to instantly map CLC hotels to a traveler’s current location, CLC hopes to ease the hectic business travel life of many of its customers.

CLC Lodging’s Hotel Locator iPhone app coming soon!

The Hotel Locator mobile app takes full advantage of iPhone technology – allowing users to:

  • Easily search from CLC’s broad network of hotels using current location orcity, address or ZIP
  • Map hotels using GPS technology and get directions in seconds
  • Fine tune hotel searches by distance and rate ranges
  • Toggle hotel search results quickly between a hotel list and map view
  • Filter by breakfast, high speed internet and truck parking
  • View hotel details, amenities and photos
  • One-tap dial to the hotel to make reservations
  • Access CLC’s 24-hour Traveler Support Center support line

An Android version of the Hotel Locator app is in development. It will offer the same features and functionality as the iPhone app and will be available this coming September.

Not a CLC member yet? Call (866) 857-9783 or e-mail: sales@clclodging.com. Smaller companies can receive free membership by using the key code “APPNEWS” during registration at www.clclodging.com or by calling 1-866-857-9747, Option 1.



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Free Wi-Fi? Do Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Many workforce travelers look forward to a free Wi-Fi connection to when staying in a hotel for business travel. Whether they’re checking work email, catching up with friends and family, looking  for  transactions in their bank accounts or just surfing the net after a long day, Wi-Fi is a definite  plus when spending  time on the road. Unfortunately, hackers also enjoy the service, making the idiom “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” a falsehood. You should definitely look at these horse choppers and purchase some bite insurance.

According to Business Travel News, hackers are using free hotel Wi-Fi to load malware in the form of software updates onto your smart phone, computer or Ipad. A warning was issued by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) after several instances were reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies. As if road warriors didn’t have enough to worry about, now you need to be doubly cautious and ensure your data and hardware is protected.

Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc.

What does this mean for the business traveler? There are a variety of possible outcomes depending on the type of malware. Slow load times, loss of personal data and computer failure are all possibilities. What can you do to protect yourself? The ICCC recommends that you check digital certificates of all updates, perform software updates before you travel and only download updates from trusted vendor websites while on the road.

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Hotel Pet Peeves – And How to Solve Them

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Travel Powerstrips - Avoid Frustration of Too Few Outlets

Apparently, this experienced workforce traveler isn’t the only one who’s exasperated when there aren’t enough outlets next to the bed to charge my cell phone or laptop. In a recent article by USA Today’s Barbara De Lollis, former press secretary for President Bush, Dana Perino tweets about her hotel pet peeves.

Her laundry list of tweets include:  coffee-flavored hot water and stubbing her toes moving the heavy bedside table to get to an outlet. A few of my pet peeves are dirty towels and cigarette smoke in a non-smoking room.

How to solve them:

Power outlets

  • Pack a compact, travel sized power strip in your lap top case
  • Ask the front desk if they have a spare power strip

Coffee-flavored tea water

  • Pack a coffee urn cleaner packet in your luggage
    • You’ll only need 1/3 of the packet due to the smaller size of hotel coffee makers
  • Go to Starbucks

Dirty Towels

  • Call the front desk and ask for replacement towels
  • Invest in a micro-fiber travel towel – it will dry in a few hours and it’s eco-friendly

Cigarette Smell

  • Report the smoke smell to the front desk
    •  the previous occupant may incur a fine for smoking in a non-smoking room
  • Request a room-change
  • No non-smoking room available?

 Above all, make sure you make the effort to fill out customer surveys or talk directly to the hotel manager. Hotels take customer feedback seriously. Another great way to avoid frustration is to make your next workforce travel hotel stay a CheckINN Direct stay.

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CheckINN Direct Saves Your Company Time, Money on Hotels

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Got employees who travel to do their work in boots, not suits? Construction crews, tower erectors, drivers, field reps, installers, inventory teams and others who stay in economy and mid-scale hotels?

 If so, expect rough road ahead if your company still is trying to negotiate discounted hotel rates on its own this year.
As the hotel industry rebounds, here’s what you’re up against this year if you aren’t booking with CheckINN Direct:
  • Higher occupancy — Forget recent years when your travelers could bargain for a cheap rate at the front desk. Now the lodging industry recovery is well under way. According to Smith Travel Research, hotel occupancies rose to 67 percent last year from 2010 occupancy of 64 percent.
  • Steadily climbing rates — 2012 is on track to continue last year’s rising occupancy trend, and higher rates go along with it. Last week the U.S. hotel industry saw average occupancy gains of 5.5% to 51.7%, reports Hotel News Now. Last week’s average daily room rate across the country went up 3.1%.
  • Possibly exceeding your travel budgetTravel  planners surveyed by Carlson Wagonlit Travel admit to worries over ever-increasing costs, especially since many travel planners found they’d exceeded their travel budgets before 2011 was over. Business demand was mandating travel, but costs were higher than many companies planned for. This year they want to optimize their hotel spend to stretch their lodging dollars, more than 50% of respondents told Carlson pollsters.

If your company is ready for an easy way to save time and money on workforce travel, there’s no need to wait.

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Rx for Workforce Travel Health Emergencies

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Workforce travelers, it’s American Heart Month. Would you recognize the warning signs of a heart attack in yourself or others? What about CPR – can you perform it?

It’s smart to be prepared for medical emergencies on the road, and the American Heart Association (AHA) offers a variety of tools to help you. CheckINN Direct provides these tips to help keep you safe and heart-healthy wherever your workforce travel takes you.

Put Your Smartphone to Work

The Pocket First Aid and CPR App not only helps you know what to do if someone isn’t breathing, but also if they’ve been biten, bruised or burned. The app includes videos from the American Heart Association to show you how to do CPR and handle medical emergencies. It is available from the iTunes App store for the iphone and from Android Market for Android phones, and costs $3.99.

Learn To Perform CPR

AHA offers an online tool to help you find CPR training that’s convenient for you. Find a CPR class.

Start Thinking Healthy

Or, if hearing about American Heart Month serves as a timely reminder about eating better and moving around more, check out the Getting Healthy section of the AHA website.

Go Red for Women

You may be seeing “Go Red for Women” banners around your travel areas all across the country this month, too. That’s the AHA’s annual focus on heart health for women, who often suffer heart symptoms that are different from the classic heart attack signs seen in men. Find out more.

Get Heart-Smart & Hotel-Savvy

With your job keeping you on the road frequently, you know it’s smart to have a company lodging plan (like joining CheckINN Direct). Now you can be just as savvy about overcoming – or better yet, preventing – health emergencies on the heart health on the road as you are about using CheckINN Direct to save you 20-40% off hotel room rates.

Not yet a member? Sign up today.





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