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Does CheckINN Direct Fit Your Company’s Business Lodging Needs?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We’re not  kidding when we say CheckINN Direct members save 20-40% off hotels’ Lowest Published Rates. Literally. Every time. No fine print.

The deep discounts are based on CLC Lodging’s purchasing power of 9 million hotel room  nights annually for its business clients. CLC  leverages the resulting nearly $500 million in volume to negotiate low business lodging rates for  its clients. CheckINN Direct is CLC’s program for small and independent businesses.

CheckINN Direct helps small companies get deep discounts on hotel rooms for business travel across the U.s. and CanadaSo, maybe your company is considering signing up for CheckINN Direct but aren’t sure if it will meet your company’s business lodging needs. Here are some key comparisons to help your company  decide if this Hotel Savings Card Program is a good fit for you and your employees:

What You & Your Staff Do Now: Go online to look for hotels in the areas where your employees have business travel, visiting various sites to shop price. (Takes a lot of time, doesn’t it?)

 What CheckINN Direct Offers: Online and print directories available to CheckINN Direct members list information for all 10,000+ participating locations (with an emphasis on economy and mid-scale hotels) in the CheckINN Direct network across North America. Hotel locations generally are along centrally located highway routes. This benefits workforce travelers — like employee teams providing sales or services, crews working on installations or repair projects and drivers transporting goods. 

What You & Your Staff Do Now: Call hotels and try to negotiate a cheaper rate for your workforce travelers. (If you’re not a trained negotiator and if you don’t have at least 25 room nights a month with the hotel, negotiating a low rate for your  company travelers can be tough.)

What CheckINN Direct Offers: CLC has low negotiated rates already in place, negotiated from its purchasing power of 9 million room nights annually for its thousands of business clients. In return for access to the deeply discounted hotel rates, participants pay a small transaction fee for each night of their stay. With every stay, CheckINN Direct members pay20-40% off the hotels’ Lowest Published Rate for the room.

What You & Your Staff Do Now: Place a hotel call every time a company traveler needs a reservation.

What CheckINN Direct Offers: Reservations are not required. If there’s a room available at walk-in, you get it. (Or, call the hotel directly to make a reservation). Walk-in availability makes it easy for travelers who don’t always  know where they will be stopping for the night.

What You & Your Staff Do Now: Provide your travelers with a credit card or cash to pay for their stay, or ask them to use a personal credit card.

What CheckINN Direct Offers: Travelers present CLC’s CheckINN Card at the front desk. After the stay, CLC bills the credit card registered with CheckINN Direct when your company signed up for the program. Your company can request as many CheckINN Cards as needed.

What You & Your Staff Do Now: Depend on your employee travelers  to turn in hotel receipts so you can reconcile with the monthly credit card statements.

What CheckINN Direct Offers: All lodging stays for your employees are posted to your online account for easy tracking and simpler account reconciliation each month.

If CheckINN Direct’s features match your company’s lodging needs, check it out and sign up today.

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Business Hotel Discounts That Provide A Competitive Edge

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

CLC Lodging brings its workforce travel savings and solutions with deeply discounted hotel rates for business travelers to GlobalShop 2011.

CLC’s workforce travel savings and solutions are geared to many industries, from trucking and rail to staffing and construction and more. For the retail industry, CLC is particularly effective for providing lodging administration that covers the installers, crews, merchandisers, trainers and others whose work on new, remodeled and existing retail stores requires overnight hotel stays.

With CLC, companies can get hotel rooms at 20-40% savings for their employees working those jobs. 

That’s  why you can look for CLC Lodging at GlobalShop 2011 next week in Las Vegas, where retailers and brand managers will gather for the largest store design and at-retail marketing show in the U.S. 

If your competitors’ bids seem to consistently undercut you, maybe they’re already using CLC’s lodging program services. Check us out in Booth 4932 March 28-30. 

CLC’s program simplifies lodging administration for any size company, whether your employees stay 5 or 500 nights a month in hotels. CLC offers a competitive business lodging advantage that boosts any company’s travel budget. 

Plus, CLC offers the advantages of direct billing and customized hotel directories for large companies. Small businesses can sign up for CLC’s CheckINN Direct program, where employees use a hotel savings card to access the same discounts larger corporate clients receive. It’s accepted at more than 10,000  hotels across the U.S. and Canada.

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Give Your Business Budget A Break On Hotel Costs

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

A dip in gas prices won't save companies as much as CheckINN Direct discounts on hotel rooms for business travelFinally some relief at the gas pump for workforce travelers on the road for their jobs! The latest stats from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show a slight dip in gas and diesel prices around much of the country. 

Not much of a decline, true…but it’s something. And what company isn’t looking for a bottom-line break as Q1 2011 comes to a close, whether for traveling employees who are fueling up or seeking ways to cut hotel costs?

Prices Still Up  in Western U.S.

The downward trend in gas prices didn’t hold true for the Rocky Mountain region and points west, where gas prices continued their upward climb. The same is seen for diesel prices, where prices were up for the western part of the country as well as New England. 

Even with this break is rising gas and diesel costs, there’s no denying the steep increase when current prices are compared to a year ago. Smart businesses are taking advantage of fuel-wise tips to ensure they’re doing all they can to handle fuel costs. 

20-40% Discounts on Hotel Rates in U.S. & Canada

Maybe we won’t see at 20-40% decline in gas and diesel prices any time soon, but that’s what companies can expect to save with CheckINN Direct. Employees carrying the program’s hotel savings card won’t find a lower published rate – and that’s  backed by CheckINN Direct’s Lowest Rate Guarantee.

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Does Spring Signal More Workforce Travel for Your Company?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Spring  means more  workforce travel for many companies, so discount hotel rates are in demandNow that it’s officially spring,  your company may be gearing  up for much more workforce travel for your employees – those drivers, field reps, installation crews and others who hit the road in company vehicles to do their jobs.

After all, warmer temps often drive new construction projects, road work or updates on job sites that can require brief – or extended – stays for your work team. 

Discount Hotel Rates for Business Travel

With tight budgets, most companies are seeking ways to save money on hotels with discount rates when employees travel. Many want to get more efficient, too, and cut the time that staff must devote to finding hotels, negotiating rates, managing receipts and reconciling credit card bills for hotel stays. 

In the spirit of spring cleaning, make this the year to simplify your company’s lodging administration – and save 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates. CheckINN Direct offers a lodging solution for small businesses that: 

  1. Provides an online directory of more than 10,000 participating hotel locations that feature CheckINN Direct’s low, pre-negotiated private rates.
  2. Has no minimum usage requirements and no annual fees.
  3. Works great for seasonal and/or per diem travel.
  4. Posts lodging stays online for easy reference.
  5. Makes it easy for travelers, with a hotel savings card they show at check-in and 24x7x365 traveler support. 

Lowest Rate Guarantee, Too!

Companies can obtain as many CheckINN Cards for travelers as desired, with no additional cost for additional cards. There’s also a Lowest Rate Guarantee so you can be assured your company is getting the lowest possible rate. 

Sign up today and your company can start saving right away, just like more than 10,000 small businesses do now.

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How Companies Can Fight Climbing Hotel Rates

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hotel rates went up in 2010, and the trend is going to continue this year. That’s the word from a just-issued quarterly report covered in USA Today. It confirms the details of what we’ve shared before about climbing hotel rates. 

The report indicates a $2 climb in average rate, the peak rate for the past year. More significantly, last year was the first year since 2008 that hotel rates didn’t go down. 

More reason for businesses to look for single source lodging providers, which give companies accesses to privately negotiated rates. The CheckINN Direct program offers those services with no annual fees and no minimum usage requirements. The CheckINN Card is accepted at over 10,000 economy and midscale  hotels across North America, making  it well-suited to  companies with traveling crews, field  reps, sales and installation teams and drivers.

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As Gas Prices Spike, Hotel Savings Still Available

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Gas prices may be high but hotel discounts are available for business travelers with CheckINN Direct's savings for workforce lodgingHoping  for relief at the gas pump so your company’s workforce travel costs can stablize?  No evidence of that happening yet, based on the latest gas and diesel prices from around the country.  Looks like if you’re looking for cost-cutting on the road, your best bet still is to take advantage of ways to reduce hotel costs. 

The latest gas and diesel stats from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show the average price of gas across the U.S. is $3.57 a gallon. Diesel checks in at $3.90 a gallon. Both are up from a week ago. 

While company travelers – and the home office – may continue to cringe at their fuel pump receipts, the low hotel statements for travelers presenting the CheckINN Card at participating hotels prompt a more positive reaction. We’re talking 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates. (There’s a lowest rate guarantee, too.)

That’s at more than 10,000 hotels, including familiar brands like Best Western, Super 8, Says Inn, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, America’s Best Value, Hampton Inn, Motel 6, Sleep Inn, Ramada and more.

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Small Business Tip: Just 1 Month Until Taxes Are Due

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

CheckINN Direct helps businesses save time and money on hotels for company travelSpring  is just around the corner, which means Tax Time is not too far away. Just one month, in fact. April 15 falls on a Friday this year, so you’ve got just over 4 weeks to complete and file the required paperwork. 

Need  more info? Whether you’re  a small business or self-employed,  you can find plenty  of resources online, including Internal Revenue Service tax forms, FAQs and more at athe IRS online reference center

If you find the tax man is taking too big a bite out of your bottom line, CheckINN Direct offers the hotel room savings that can give your company’s business travel budget a boost. 

The hotel savings card also provides a directory to easily find participating hotels with pre-negotiated low rates at 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates. Plus, lodging statements are posted online for quick account reconciliation every month.  

What your  company saves in lodging expenses in 2011 could  make a big difference when tax  time rolls  around next year. Check it out.

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The Secret Behind Hotel Savings for Workforce Travelers

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The secret to saving on hotel rooms for business travel is to access private negotiated rates.If your business has company drivers, crews, sales teams and field reps who hit the road regularly for their jobs, hotel costs can mount quickly. No wonder lots of businesses search the Web looking for a price break.

But what many businesses don’t realize is that the best lodging discounts come from private contract negotiations on hotel rooms, not publicly available rates.

Granted, it’s tough for any business to negotiate a private rate without significant volume at a particular location – say 25 room nights or more a month. 

So, the secret to hotel savings for workforce travelers is gaining access to the privately negotiated rates that are available. 

Finding Private Rates

How? Connecting with a single source lodging provider that can negotiate low private rates based on purchasing strength. 

That’s what CLC Lodging provides for its clients. For more than 30 years, CLC has negotiated private rates for business lodging. 

These negotiations are based on CLC’s  consolidated purchasing power of 9 million room nights worth nearly half a billion dollars annually at more than 10,000 hotels. 

CLC Lodging allows small businesses to take advantage of these same discounts offered to big corporate  clients through CheckINN Direct, its hotel savings card program for small businesses. 

20-40% Below Lowest Published Rates

CheckINN Direct provides rates that are 20 to 40 percent below hotels’ lowest published rates, which generally is lower than a small business can negotiate on its own. 

Company travelers present the hotel savings card at the front desk during check-in at participating hotel locations. 

CLC’s hotel savings card program provides an online hotel directory of participating hotel locations and member rates, posts all lodging transactions to an online account for easy access by the travel account administrator, and has no minimum usage requirements. 

There’s no secret to signing up for the program, either – and travelers can start saving tonight.

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How to Battle High Gas Prices (& Save on Hotels!)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

As a small business, you’re likely already feeling the pinch from higher gas prices on your bottom line. Rhonda Abrams’ recent column in USA Today provides some common sense tips to help curtail the impact. Little steps, perhaps, but it’s a start.

Among her suggestions:

  • Get smart with a delivery and schedule driving plan. Manage routes for deliveries and appointments to eliminate backtracking or needless repetition.
  • Keep your car or van in shape. Don’t forget to check tire pressure and keep tires at the recommended levels, which  affect how far you get on each gallon of gas. Remind your employees to slow down when they’re behind the wheel. That impacts gas mileage and even small improvements in gas mileage can make a difference, Abrams notes.
  •  Lighten your load. Take excess materials, tools or samples out of your company vehicles. The heavier the load, the more gas you use, she says.
  • Consider hybrid or electric vehicles. As they’re becoming more mainstream, there  are more options. And there’s no question the mileage is great.

One last tip: When your employees travel, ensure your company is paying the lowest rates for business lodging. It’s easy to sign up for CheckINN Direct, which provides savings of 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates. Sign up today and start saving tonight at 10,000+ hotels across the U.S. and Canada.

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Boost Your Company Travel Budget With Better Hotel Savings

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hotel savings card program from CLC Lodging gives company travel budgets a boostThere’s no relief at the gas pump this week for businesses with workforce travelers on the road. Prices remain up across the country – again – with the average price of gas in the U.S. climbing 13 cents a gallon from  a week ago and diesel fuel up 15 cents.

With rising fuel prices cutting into the bottom line, company travel budgets need a boost more than ever.  Like the savings from CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card Program, CheckINN Direct.

If your company hasn’t investigated what CheckINN Direct can deliver, you’re missing out on savings that average 20% to 40% off hotels’ Lowest Published Rates, along with efficient online tools that reduce staff time spent reviewing expense reports, finding hotels, negotiating rates and auditing billings.

All with no minimum usage requirements, no annual fees and a nationwide hotel network with more than 10,000 participating locations. 

As one company staffer recently told us, he’d negotiated a hotel rate for his company workforce travelers that was around $100 a night. The CheckINN Direct rate was around $55. That’s real savings that adds up quickly for any business, particularly any with drivers, crews, sales staff and other employees regularly traveling the nation’s  highways.

Sound too good to be true? Check out our partners and find out what CheckINN Direct members say about the savings and convenience of this hotel savings card program.

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