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Lowest Hotel Rates for Business Travel from CheckINN Direct

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Get the lowest hotel rates for business travel with CheckINN Direct's Hotel Savings Card from CLC LodgingThink the online travel agencies like Expedia, hotels.com and Priceline are your best defense against this year’s rising hotel prices when you travel for business? Don’t be so sure.

If you’re a business traveler, you’ll save more using CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card from CheckINN Direct.

Save 20-40% On Hotel Rooms

Our spot check of pricing this week found that CheckINN Direct’s room rate was significantly below those sites. We’re lower even with our nightly transaction fee added to the price.

Not surprising, since CheckINN Direct’s basic value proposition is simply this: CheckINN Direct saves you 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates. That’s every room. Every day.

Backed by Lowest Rate Guarantee

Plus, CheckINN Direct’s rates are backed by our Lowest Rate Guarantee. If you find a lower qualifying rate, we’ll pay you the difference and give you $30 in CheckINN Dollars to apply to your next stay.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any. CheckINN Direct is designed for workforce travelers and the companies that employ them. CLC’s low rates are leveraged from its annual purchasing power of 9 million room nights a year for the thousands of business clients it’s served since 1977.

10,000 Hotels Coast to Coast

Our network of  more than 10,000 hotels coast to coast includes popular leading independents and familiar brands that range from Super 8, Ramada and Holiday Inn to Best Western, Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn.

Put our Hotel Savings Card in your traveler’s hands and make it easy to find a hotel, track your receipts and save!

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Traveler Tips to Stay Safe In Tornado Conditions

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

When you travel on business, do you know what to do if there is a tornado or similar severe weather looming? Violent tornadoes ripping across the Midwest in recent days serve as a reminder to all workforce travelers to know the best plan of action before it’s needed.

CheckINN Direct gives tips on safe business travel during tornado seasonCheckINN Direct wants you to understand how to stay safe before you hit the road:

  • Don’t drive if the forecast looks bad and tornado conditions appear possible. A deadly storm outweighs any potential delay in your travel plans.
  • If you’re caught on the road, get to shelter as quickly as possible. A fast food restaurant is a good choice on the road since its walk-in cooler can serve as a protected area to ride out the storm.
  • Stop and park if you can’t get inside. If you must stay in your car, keep your seat belt fastened. Protect your head with a jacket or other covering and stay below window level.
  • A highway overpass, where wind speeds may increase, is no place to take shelter. Experts say it can act as a wind tunnel with even strong blasts coming through. A ditch offers better protection – since it’s low to the ground – but be aware of the potential for flooding.
  • If you’re inside – at your lodging, in a work area or other business – go to the interior of the building. Keep away from windows and watch out for unsupported walls or balconies that may collapse.
  • Never try to out-race the storm since wind speed and direction are unpredictable in unstable conditions.

The most important precaution is to stay alert to weather forecasts and the potential for severe weather. Check the National Weather Service site for warnings and follow these additional tips featured this week on NPR’s Morning Edition.

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Hotel Savings Card Survives Tornado’s Wrath

Monday, May 16th, 2011

CLC Lodging's CheckINN Direct program helps  members save on business lodging at hotelsEven in the wake of a devastating tornado, CheckINN Direct from CLC Lodging comes through! The latest example involves a member from Winston-Salem, N.C.  Read on:

While staying at a hotel in Alabama late last month, our CheckINN Direct member was evacuated as the massive storm approached. In the confusion, he mistakenly left his wallet at the hotel. 

After the storm hit, contents from the member’s wallet were found. Because the back of our CheckINN Card reads: “This card is the property of Corporate Lodging Consultants, Wichita, Kansas,” whoever discovered the wallet contents sent them on to us.

We now are returning this member’s CheckINN Card, debit card, fuel cards and others back to him.

Glad we could help, and just another reason to carry our Hotel Savings Card. Not to mention that it also always saves you 20 to 40% off hotels’ lowest published rates.

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Hotel Discounts Disappearing for Business Travelers

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

CheckINN Direct's Hotel Savings Card from CLC Lodging saves 20-40% off hotels' Lowest Published RatesAs predicted, bargain room rates and last-minute deals are much harder to find now that the lodging business is improving. The latest development: hotel chains offering fewer discounted rooms to online travel sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline. 

A USA Today blog item this week cites the specifics in data from Rubicon, an industry hotel tracker. Its year-over-year comparisons found that the sites got 9.1% of their inventory from chains like Marriott, Holiday Inn and Sheraton in the January through March 2011 time frame. 

That’s down 1% from a year ago, and down a whopping 14% from 2009 figures. Bottom line: Hotels are seeing enough increase in their business that they don’t have to discount as much as they did in the past. 

So how can your company protect its workforce travel budget? 

Join the thousands of businesses that put CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card in their employees’ hands. The card provides 20-40% discounts off lowest published rates at more than 10,000 hotels nationwide. (Familiar brands and leading independents  like Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hampton Inn, Super 8, Ramada and more.)

It’s an easy way to improve your bottom line – with the added advantages of an online hotel directory and being able to tracking all your lodging stays and hotel spend with an online account.

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CLC Lodging Saves 20-40% on Hotel Costs

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

CLC Lodging is staffing Booth 1101 today through Thursday at the annual Electrical Power Conference and Exhibition in Rosemont, Ill. Stop by  if you’re  attending and find out  how CLC can help your company reduce its hotel bills for business travel.

CLC Lodging is the nation’s leading provider of workforce lodging rates, delivering workforce travel savings and solutions for all sizes of companies throughout North America. Most companies typically save 20-40 percent off hotels’ lowest published rates. (That’s every room, every time.)

Plus, companies can more quickly line up hotels in travel areas using CLC’s hotel directory. And, it’s easy to track hotel stays and lodging spending through online reports.

Over 30 years, CLC has built a network of more than 10,000 hotels nationwide and state-of-the-art data management and payment processing systems to manage client billings and reports. From CLC’s consolidated purchasing power of 9 million room nights worth nearly half a billion dollars annually, clients gain significant savings and increased visibility into lodging costs.

Smaller companies can take advantage of CheckINN Direct, which puts CLC’s Hotel Savings Card in the hands of their employees. The card is presented at the front desk at check-in and the stay is direct billed to the credit card registered at the time of CheckINN Direct enrollment.

If your company travelers primarily stay in economy and mid-scale hotels, take a minute to find out more. Then sign up today to start saving tonight.

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Workforce Travelers: Fight Fitness Pitfalls on the Road

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Keep exercising when you're  a workforce traveler by using the fitness room at your CheckINN Direct hotel Is your workforce travel affecting your health? Turns out it could be, if you and your fellow employees don’t make an extra effort to keep fit, eat healthy and manage your well-being on the road.

A Wall Street Journal blog article reports that those who travel frequently for their jobs have a higher risk of being overweight.

The report, which cites research from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, notes there’s also an increase in other health-related problems such as high blood pressure.

Their study looked at medical records from 13,000 workers who travel, with more than two-thirds of them hitting the road for business each month.

The health problems could be related to the fact that more than 80% of workforce travel is by car (long stints of sitting and easy access to fast-food).

That means small businesses may want to help educate traveling employees about ways to boost healthy eating and exercise when out of the office on business.

And when you’ve checked in to your CheckINN Direct hotel, make use of the on-site gym or go for a walk before you call it a day.

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Reduce Hotel Costs for Your Business Travelers This Summer

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Hotel rates are going to be higher this summer for business travelers so CheckINN Direct can help companies reduce lodging rates.If your company has employees who travel for business, expect to pay higher prices this summer at hotels across the country.  

The 2011 Summer Forecast from Smith Travel Research (STR) confirms the predictions of rising lodging costs that began in Q4 last year.

How much more can you expect to pay? STR sees the Average Daily Rate going up 4.1 percent to $103.01.

The increases are driven by an improving economy that’s driving more business travelers out on the road. The travel cutbacks that began in 2007 are starting to shift as businesses ramp up. Hotels are seeing better demand for rooms.

What does this mean for your business?  More hotel occupancy will affect the bargains and front-desk deals some businesses have negotiated over the past three years. Expect those to become much less frequent – if not disappear altogether.

There are ways to manage your business lodging costs. Putting a Hotel Savings Card, like the one offered by CLC Lodging, in your employees’ hands immediately reduces your hotel room rates by 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates.

The Hotel Savings Card from CheckINN Direct carries a Lowest Rate Guarantee, so you’re protected in the event you find a lower rate.  If you do, CheckINN Direct pays you the difference between the two rates and gives you $30 toward your next stay.

Your  workforce travelers can show the Hotel Savings Card at check-in at 10,000 participating hotel locations across the country – familiar chains and leading independents that include Super 8, Best Western, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn.

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Big Hotel Discounts on Emergency Lodging & More

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Emergency response crews are all over the states hit hardest by last week’s horrific tornadoes and flooding, and CLC Lodging – the same company that gets small businesses hotel discounts of 20-40% – helps ensure they have hotel rooms. 

In the last week alone, CLC Lodging put first responders from relief groups, power companies and tree removal services in more than 2,000 hotel rooms in Texas, New York, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama and Missouri. 

These businesses are among the clients that recognize the efficiency and savings realized when CLC handles their lodging administration. CLC Lodging’s nationwide network of more than 10,000 hotels means that hotel rooms can be arranged very quickly to restore essential services when disasters strike. 

In fact, CLC Lodging has been the official provider of emergency lodging services for the U.S. Government since 2005.

Plus, businesses using CLC Lodging gain the advantage of the deeply discounted rates already in place at hotels where CLC Lodging has pre-negotiated contracts. The low rates that CLC Loding provides result from its consolidated purchasing power of more than 9 million room nights a year worth nearly half a billion dollars. 

Small businesses can access those same low rates by signing up for CheckINN Direct. Their employees who travel are provided with CLC Lodging’s CheckINN Card. 

Travelers simply show the card at the front desk at check-in and save 20-40% off the hotel’s lowest published rate. Small businesses also have the assurance of CheckINN Direct’s Lowest Rate Guarantee.

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Workforce Travelers: No More Texting While Driving

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Workforce travelers: Think twice about texting while you’re driving. Now it means you’re breaking the law in 31 states.

Last week, North Dakota became the latest to prohibit texting when driving. That law takes effect Aug. 1 and carries a $100 fine. Eight states, as well as D.C. and Guam, also prohibit all hand-held cell phone use for drivers.

When your job takes you on the road, it’s easy to get caught up in taking calls, responding to messages, or solving worksite issues when behind the wheel. 

Better to wait until you’re at your job site and your vehicle engine is off. Better yet, catch up at night or early morning from the comfort of the discounted hotel you found with CheckINN Direct

Traveling for work can be time-consuming, and multi-tasking sometimes may appear to be an effective solution. But the stats bear out the heavy price you might pay. When you’re distracted with your handheld phone, you’re more likely to injure yourself or someone else.

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