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7 Ways to Improve Your Business Lodging Process

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011



If your small or independent business is feeling the pressure of higher hotel prices this year, CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card program can offer relief. Here’s what signing up for the Hotel Savings Card program from CLC Lodging can do for you:

Reduce hotel costs for business travel. When you sign up for the program, called CheckINN Direct, your company immediately gains access to member rates that are 20-40% below hotels’ Lowest Published Rates. CLC obtains those low rates from its consolidated purchasing power of more than 9 million room nights purchased annually for clients each year.

Cut the time spent finding hotels. Members get access to an online and print directory of CLC’s network of more than 10,000 hotels across the U.S. and Canada. Participating hotels include familiar brands and leading independents including Best Western, Red Roof Inn, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Super 8, Hampton Inn and more.

Eliminate the need to negotiate rates. When your employees check in with the CheckINN Card, they can take advantage of the low rates already negotiated for CLC Lodging’s large clients. Your employees show their CheckINN Card at check-in and automatically are charged CLC’s deeply discounted rates.

Always know what you’ll pay. Your member rates are updated weekly, and are shown on your online account. You can print out a sample receipt that shows your total, including taxes. Or, if you don’t have a computer handy, you can call CheckINN Direct and ask about the member rate at the hotel where you want to stay.

Track your lodging receipts. Every stay with the CLC CheckINN Card is sent to CLC, which then bills the credit card your company registered when signing up for the program. For easy tracking, every stay is posted to your online account and a copy of the invoice is e-mailed to you.

Simplify credit card reconciliation. When your credit card statement arrives, you can quickly check the charges against the lodging stays posted on your online account.

Gain 24-hour traveler support. CLC Lodging provides a free Traveler Support Center (TSC) 24/7/365, so your travelers have ready assistance if they have questions on the road. TSC representatives are just a phone call away to help your company travelers – so you don’t have to be on call.

Your company can reduce its lodging costs, cut the time spent finding hotels and negotiating rates, and improve the way lodging receipts are managed. All it takes is signing up for the Hotel Savings Card program from CLC Lodging.

The program works for businesses with workforce travelers who are on the road a little or a lot. With the comprehensive hotel network, your travelers likely can stay in the same hotels where they’re staying now, but at a greatly reduced cost. Find out more at www.checkinncard.com.





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Hotel Costs Going Up & Up & Up

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Now that autumn has arrived, company travel budgets must stretch to cover the costs of rising hotel prices through the final quarter of 2011.

That may be a tough challenge in light of the latest numbers out on hotel average daily rates.

Business Travel News cites Smith Travel Research in reporting that U.S. hotel average dates were up 3.4 percent year over year in August 2011.

Moreover, the rates increased in every major U.S. market outside of Washington, D.C. (which saw just a slight reduction).

A survey of just a few key metro areas across the country shows what businesses with workforce travelers are up against: rates were up more than 15 percent in San Francisco, nearly 13 percent in Nashville and almost 11 percent in Miami.

With year-over-year occupancy also showing an increase, it’s not likely that hotel travel receipts are going to be kind to your company’s travel budget between now and the end of the year.

But CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card program can provide the bottom-line boost you need to wrap up the year under budget. When your workforce travelers show the Hotel Savings Card at check-in, they automatically get rates that are 20-40% off hotels’ Lowest Published Rates.

As soon you sign up for the program, you can start saving immediately – no matter how much or how little your employees travel for business. Find out how it works at www.checkinncard.com.

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Hotel Rooms May Be Changing for Workforce Travelers

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

New eco-friendly and space-savings trends in hotel room accommodations are emerging at high-end hotels. That means workforce travelers who travel with CLC Lodging’s Hotel Savings Card eventually may find them in economy and mid-scale lodging.

What’s new? According to the Associated Press, a few of the most popular changes now in effect include:

Hotel rooms that feature showers only, rather than showers and tubs. Research finds many guests use only the shower. The exception, of course, is families traveling with children who prefer bathing in a tub.

Pump dispensers for soap and shampoo. Although some guests have come to depend on the travel size soap and lotion amenities put out daily in many rooms, the trend is eco-friendly. No more plastic bottles ending up in landfills. Individually wrapped containers often still are available at the front desk.

Straight-to-the room check-in with a mailed-in-advance keycard. This technology sends guests a key card before their stay, which becomes activated on the date of their stay. A message sent to the guest’s cell phone gives them the room number.

But if your company’s workforce travelers are more interested in sufficient truck parking, convenient locations close to major thoroughfares, or breakfasts served in a hurry on-site, the Hotel Savings Card program helps you find those amenities before your stay.

CLC Lodging’s hotel network provides the convenient amenities most useful to crews, drivers, sales teams and others who regularly travel the nation’s highways for work. It’s easy to search the online hotel directory and find exactly the amenities your travelers need, whether it’s interior corridors, an exercise room or high-speed Internet.

It’s all part of the Hotel Savings Card program offered to businesses that want to save 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates for every business stay. Find out more at www.checkinncard.com.

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‘Love, Love, Love this Program!!!’

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

How are members reacting to the on-site hotel photos that CheckINN Direct now offers as part of its online Hotel Search feature?

Here’s what FAC Food Logistics, a CheckINN Direct member since May 2010, had to say:

“Awesome! This is a tool that I have needed since I joined. This will save me lots of time from opening up each hotel’s website. Keep up the good work!!!! Love, Love, Love, Love this program!!!”

Only CheckINN Direct members can access the online hotel directory, which displays the discounted member rates you’ll pay at the more than 10,000 participating hotel locations.

Member rates are always 20-40% off hotels’ lowest published rates, no matter whether your company travelers use 1, 10 or 100 room nights a month.

If that kind of workforce travel savings sounds good for your business, find out how to sign up for the Hotel Savings Card program from CLC Lodging at www.checkinncard.com.


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More Ways to Stay Safe for Workforce Travel

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

When you or your company’s workforce travelers are on the road frequently for business, you want to be sure your car and vehicle are safe. (It’s almost as important as getting the lowest possible rate on your hotel room, like you do with the Hotel Savings Card from CLC Lodging.)

Thanks to a service of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, now you can make sure you’re informed of any recalls that affect your ride.

When you subscribe to NHTSA’s Recall Notification E-mail System, you automatically will receive e-mail notifications about recalls.

At the time you sign up, you can specify the category of recall you want to hear about. Choose tires (the NHTSA says there are about 20 tire recalls annually), all vehicles or up to five specific make and model year combinations.

For your personal travel, you can asked to be notified about any recalls about child restraints (typically, there are about 8 per year), or about motorcycles, helmets or cycle equipment.

Sign up to subscribe to the NHTSA’s Recall Notification E-mail System at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/subscriptions/index.cfm.

And if you’re not already using CLC’s Hotel Savings Card for your workforce travel, sign up now and start saving 20-40% at more than 10,000 hotel locations nationwide. Just go to www.checkinncard.com.


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Find Business Lodging Quickly In Hurricane Season

Thursday, September 15th, 2011


With the aftereffects of last month’s Hurricane Irene still lingering, workforce travelers are wise to remember that hurricane season technically continues through Nov. 30. There have been 14 tropical storms systems so far, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is sticking to its projection of 19 named storms this season – and that includes up to 10 hurricanes.

Smart travelers should have a plan to quickly find lodging if you need to take shelter from any storm. That’s another reason why the Hotel Savings Card program from CLC Lodging can be a lifesaver for anyone who has to travel the nation’s roadways for a living. It’s designed for small and independent companies who have crews, fleet drivers, salespeople and others who typically stay in economy and mid-scale hotels.

When you carry the CheckINN Card, you can quickly find discounts of business lodging at more than 10,000 hotels across North America. Plus, thanks to CLC’s purchasing power of 9 million room nights a year, you’ll pay a rate that’s 20-40% off the hotel’s lowest published rate.

It doesn’t matter how many nights a week, month or year you or your employees travel for business. You can use the Hotel Savings Card whenever you need it, and you’re protected by a lowest rate guarantee.

Plus, you can search for participating network hotel locations in your travel area from your computer or your smart phone. CLC Lodging also provides a 24-hour Traveler Support Center where your travelers can call for help in finding a hotel or checking their member rates with the Hotel Savings Card.

More details about how it works are at www.checkinncard.com. And to keep up with the status of any pending tropical storms or hurricanes when you’re on the road, don’t forget to check http://hurricane.accuweather.com/hurricane/.


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Fuel Budget Tight? Save on Hotels for Workforce Travel

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011


Gas prices are up from a year ago but CheckINN Direct saves businesses money on hotelsCheck out the gap between what workforce travelers and other drivers across the U.S. were paying for gas and diesel fuel a year ago compared to the cost now now (see it at http://www.eia.gov/oog/info/gdu/gasdiesel.asp).

The difference is striking, even though the national average cost for gas and diesel fuel was down this week compared to a week ago.

Gas is at $3.661 per gallon, down 0.013 from a week ago but up 0.940 from this same time last year. This week, diesel is at $3.862 per gallon, down 0.006 from a week ago but up 0.919 per gallon from a year ago.

If your company crews, sales teams, fleets and other travelers are feeling the pinch from higher gas prices this year, don’t forget that you can stretch your travel budget by signing up for the hotel savings card from CLC Lodging. It saves your company travelers 20-40% off hotels lowest published rates whenever they’re on the road for business.

Those deeply discounted rates add up, particularly when fuel budgets are taking a hit.

Gas is up right now in New England, Central Atlantic, Rocky Mountain and West Coast states. But with the hotel savings card program, your company travelers can check in to more than 10,000 hotels across the U.S.

You’ll likely find the same familiar brand names and leading independents where your company does business now – like Best Western, Super 8, Ramada, Red Room Inn, Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn, Sleep Inn and more – but you’ll pay less.

If you’re not taking advantage of what CLC’s hotel savings card offers, check it out at www.checkinncard.com.


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Another Innovative Way to Save On Company Travel

Monday, September 12th, 2011


You can find your savings with  new cars just like you can save on hotels with CheckINN DirectIn less than two years, car buyers will see a new fuel economy label on new vehicles that will provide a lot more information about how much it will cost you to operate it.

That’s a boon for any company that is buying fleet vehicles, or any workforce travelers who must use their own cars, trucks or vans on the job.

The new labels provide another way to stretch your company’s travel budget, just like CheckINN Direct saves on lodging at more than 10,000 hotels nationwide whenever you or your employees are on business travel.

An initiative of the U.S. Environmental Safety Administration (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the new labels will appear on new vehicles starting with 2013 models. Automakers also have the option to start using the new labels on 2012 models.

So what do you see? The new labels not only show miles per gallon, but also how much fuel you’ll use over 100 miles. You also can see the estimated annual fuel cost based on driving 15,000 miles.

In addition to telling you about how much you’ll save, there’s information about environmental factors, too. The label will show the car’s rating in terms of smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

The new labels for new cars sold at dealerships also display a smartphone QR code that buyers can scan for more information. All that is required is that you download the scanner app for your phone.

More information about new labels is available at http://fueleconomy.gov/feg/label/learn-more-gasoline-label.shtml#you-save-spend-more.


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Find Discounted Hotels With Your Cell Phone

Monday, September 12th, 2011

 Use your cell phont to find a CheckINN Direct hotel

Once you’ve signed up for the hotel savings card from CLC Lodging, you can use your smart phone – iPhone, Blackberry or Android – to search for CheckINN Direct hotels.

Now the phone-optimized Web browser has new features that let you search for by hotel name, mileage radius or amenities such as truck parking, breakfast and Internet.

Plus, your results now display a photo of the hotel and provide more amenity details, along with hotel address and phone information. Members even can add a hotel to a list of Favorites for quick access later.

Simply use your smart phone to go to www.checkinncard.com. From there, log in to your account to search for your hotel. Then check in to save 20-40% on your business lodging stays. It’s that easy.

Of course, members always can go online to find their deeply discounted hotel and motel rates. Just log in to your account at www.checkinncard.com and go to the Hotel Search page to look for hotels and rates in your travel area.


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