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A New Year with CLC Lodging: ‘This is going to be very cool’

Friday, December 30th, 2011


CheckINN Direct helps small companies get deep discounts on hotel rooms for business travel across the U.s. and CanadaWe end 2011 with a recent posting from Myers & Associates of Madrid, Iowa, on the CLC Lodging Facebook page, where they wrote: 


“We just recently started with CLC, but from what we can tell this is going to be very cool! Lots more options for us when we’re on the road. Thanks!”

Our sincere thank you to all our CLC Lodging customers and the more than 575,000 workforce travelers who use its CheckINN Card for great discounts on business lodging.

Here’s to another year of worthwhile workforce travel savings and solutions wherever your company business takes you.

Happy New Year!



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Did Your Company Get These Workforce Lodging Benefits in 2011?

Friday, December 30th, 2011

 CheckINN Direct brings great hotel savings to small businesses in 2011!If your company hasn’t signed up for CheckINN Direct, you missed out on a lot of new features added in 2011.

In addition to the program’s 20-40% discounts on hotel rooms, here are just a few of the new and ongoing workforce lodging benefits that members enjoyed this year:

More hotel selection – We added more than 1,000 hotel locations to the CheckINN Direct hotel network over the past year. Expect to see new additions in 2012.

Hotel photos & videos – Our online Hotel Search Feature now includes photos and videos of participating hotels so you can see exactly where your company travelers will be staying.

Smart phone capabilities – Travelers now can use their smart phones to search for hotels by name, mileage radius or amenities such as truck parking, breakfast or Internet.

Easier account navigation – The new drop-down menus on your online account let you quickly order new lodging directories, update or change your password and view your favorite hotels and new hotel locations.

As always for members, CheckINN Direct provides its Lowest Rate Guarantee, 24/7/365 traveler support, walk-in availability and no minimum usage or contract requirements.

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5 Ways CLC Lodging Makes Workforce Travel Easier in 2012

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

CLC Lodging makes it easy to make hotel arrangements for company travelersToo busy trying to take care of business without the added burden of making hotel arrangements for your company’s traveling employees? Not to mention the added time spent trying to negotiate the best rate, find a convenient location and reconcile hotel stays with your credit card statement? Become a member of CheckINN Direct today and start saving tonight!

  1. Sign up for the CLC Lodging Savings Card. As a member of the CLC Lodging Savings Card program, you’ll join the more than 575,000 workforce travelers who use the CLC Lodging Savings Card to save their companies time and money on hotel stays.

  3. Pay 20-40% less than hotels’ lowest published rates every time you or your company employees travel. Members always get a rate that’s anywhere from 20-40% off the lowest rate published on the Internet for the hotel.  

  5. Get the protection of the Card’s Lowest Rate Guarantee. If you find a lower rate for your stay at the same hotel, CLC will pay you the difference and give you $30 in CheckINN Dollars to use on your next stay.

  7. Quickly find locations and your member rates at 10,000 hotels in an online directory. Your online directory lets you look for participating hotels – like Best Western, Hampton Inn, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Super 8 and more – in your travel area, and shows you exactly what you will pay.  

  9. Easily track your employees’ hotel stays through an online account. Every hotel invoice is posted for your convenience, with records kept online for three years to track your year-over-year spending.


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Business Travelers: Why Pay More for a Hotel Room?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Save on business travel with CLC LodgingMore and more business travelers are discovering what CheckINN Direct members already know: economy hotels fit their requirements when they’re on the road.

According to an American Express Business Insights study reported this month in USA Today, midscale and even upscale hotels have lost favor among all types of travelers.

More and more workforce travelers are looking for a bargain, and are finding it at economy hotels that focus on quality.

As one company traveler in the new story put it, all she needs is “a good comfortable bed and shower, the ability to work and get food and drink when needed.”

That’s the kind of lodging that the CLC Lodging Savings Card provides to any company with workforce travelers. Members can use the Card at more than 10,000 locations coast to coast. Participating locations range from Best Western and Super 8 to Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Ramada and Motel 6.

Like most workforce travelers hitting their hotel room just to get a good night’s sleep, you likely don’t want to pay more than they have to. Members who carry the CLC Lodging Savings Card always pay prices that are 20-40% lower than hotels’ lowest published rates.


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CLC Lodging Gets Your Hotel Costs – and Holiday Calories – Under Control

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Your CLC Lodging hotel directory lists available amenities 
Feeling the effects of holiday calorie overload as you prepare to resume your workforce travels in 2012? Good thing that the CLC Lodging hotel network features lots of locations with an on-site exercise room.

Amenities like hotel gyms, on-site breakfast, Internet access and free parking are listed in the online hotel directory members receive when they sign up for the CLC Lodging Savings Card. (Or check the online site optimized for your mobile phone.)

With hotel rates backed by a Lowest Rate Guarantee, members always pay 20-40% less than hotels’ lowest published rates. That’s at more than 10,000 hotels coast to coast. Participating locations include familiar brands like Super 8, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Motel 6, Hampton Inn and more.

Your member discount helps you get your company travel budget back in shape as you look ahead to the New Year. After all, why should you and your company travelers pay more for a hotel room than you have to? Find out how the CLC Lodging Card can save your company money on business travel.

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CLC Lodging Gives the Gift of Hotel Discounts to Companies

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011


CLC Lodging Saving Card saves your company time and money Company travel administrators, let CLC Lodging give you the gift of convenience and savings this holiday season: The CLC Lodging Savings Card.

It’s for anyone who handles hotel arrangements for themselves or other company employees traveling for business.

The Savings Card truly is the gift that keeps on giving with:

  • Pre-negotiated hotel rates that are 20-40% off lowest published rates (so you don’t have to negotiate a rate for your company’s use)
  • An online directory with more than 10,000 hotels to choose from (you no longer have to spend time searching for a suitable lodging spot for company travelers)
  • Familiar hotel brands like Best Western, Holiday Inn, Ramada, Super 8, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Motel 6 and more (you likely will find your favorite already in our member directory)
  • An online account where all lodging invoices are posted (you will breeze through monthly credit card reconciliation)
  • No minimum usage requirements, no contracts required
  • Easy sign-up online or by phone for immediate use (online or toll-free by phone at 1.866.857.9747, Option 1, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Thursday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Fri. Central Time.)

When your company travelers use the CLC Lodging Savings Card, you’re getting the same low, pre-negotiated hotel rates typically only available to large companies!

Let CLC Lodging put its 10 million room nights in purchasing power, 30 years lodging management experience and unparalleled technology to work for your company.

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Winter Driving Tips for Workforce Travelers

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011


Workforce travelers should go to a CheckINN Direct network hotel when the winter roads are badAre you a workforce traveler who welcomes winter? Today’s the day – 2011’s final season of the year gets under way later tonight (unless you’re on the East Coast, where winter officially begins at 12:30 a.m. ET Thursday).

Winter means the days are cold, the roads get slick and darkness comes early. All road warriors have their own tips and tricks to cope with driving iln wintery conditions. But in the interest of safety for all our valued workforce travel clients, CLC Lodging offers a few driving reminders this  season.

  • Knock the snow and ice off your car, truck or van before you start out.
  • Check that your windshield wipers aren’t frozen in place. If they are, let the car warm up and use the defroster to release them.
  • If a door is frozen shut, don’t force it open. You don’t want to damage any rubber weatherstripping on it. Instead, try another door, preferably one that has gotten some sun.
  • Be alert for icy patches or the hidden hazard of black ice.
  • Keep a warm coat, blanket, water and snacks in your car for unexpected road delays.
  • Carry sand or kitty litter to give you traction if you get stuck.
  • Keep an adaptable phone charger with your vehicle.
  • Let someone know your route in case unanticipated problems arise.

If conditions simply are too rough to be on the road, check in at a participating location in the CLC Lodging Hotel Network. Members have more than 10,000 hotels located along the routes where you travel most. You’ll find Best Western, Holiday Inn, Ramada, Super 8, Hilton Garden Inn and many familiar locations that are part of the network.

Haven’t signed up for the CLC Lodging Savings Card yet for your business? Join now!

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‘Big discounts on rooms!!’ with CLC Lodging Savings Card

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

 Save 20-40% off hotels' lowest published rates with CLC LodgingMany thanks to our loyal workforce travelers for sending holiday cheer our way this week. With CLC Lodging now live on Facebook, you’re helping spread the word about the significant discounts that come with the CLC Lodging Savings Card. 
It’s true that we can send you to our Web site to share all the details about the 20-40% discounts your company gets off hotels’ lowest published rates with the card. But it’s even better when you hear about its advantages from companies that have put the Savings Card to good use for their workforce lodging.

Here’s what we’re hearing:

  • Joel Higginbotham posts: “As a truck Owner-Operator leased on with a major carrier, we get discounts at a couple of different chains. Not as good as this card though. I recommend this card to a lot of owner-operators that I meet from any company. Thanks.”
  • Adds Shirley Hannah Mocha Mixis in her post: “I love this place…..saves me lots of money when I travel.”
  • Then there’s the post from Kenny Krupp that sings the praises of the CLC Lodging Savings Card: “Great card if you own your own biz…..big discounts on rooms!!”

Thanks! We couldn’t have said it better.

See what the CLC Lodging Savings Card can do to stretch your travel budget.


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CLC Lodging: Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

 CLC Lodging provides a discounted hotel rate when roads are full of holiday travelers
OK, workforce travelers, here it comes! This week combines the official start of winter with the heavy holiday travel rush.

CLC Lodging hopes you’re among the road warriors who will get a break over the next two weeks. But if you remain out on the road for business this holiday season, know that you’ll have lots and lots of company.

AAA is forecasting 91.9 million U.S. drivers will be traveling 50 miles or more from home Dec. 23-Jan. 2. That’s up 1.4% from the numbers last year, and it’s the second highest in the past decade.

For those of you who like stats, we’re talking about 30% of everyone in the country. So be careful out there!

And with winter officially getting under way at 12:30 a.m. ET on Dec. 22, here’s a reminder to be especially cautious if highways are affected by a wintry blast. (Don’t forget to frequently check the NOAA forecast.)

As travelers whose jobs put you on the road frequently, you know the drill when driving conditions are hazardous: Slow down and stay alert.

If the roads get too unsafe for travel, CheckINN Direct members are encouraged to check in to a participating hotel in the CLC Hotel Network (there are more than 10,000 hotels to choose from across the U.S. and Canada. With your CheckINN Card, your member rate always saves you 20-40% off the hotel’s lowest published rate. (Don’t forget that you’re protected with CLC’s Lowest Rate Guarantee.)

Safe travels and happy holidays!

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CLC Lodging + Social Media = More Workforce Lodging Tips

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Find CLC Lodging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTubeWorkforce travelers, now you’ll find CLC Lodging whenever you’re surfing your favorite social media sites.

You can become a fan of CLC Lodging on Facebook (we hope you like us) or follow us on Twitter. Visit LinkedIn the most? We’re there, too!

Or check us out on Google+ and YouTube whenever you’re visiting those sites.

We’re going social so you and your company have even more ways to keep up with the savings and solutions that CLC offers. Like the 20-40% discounts off hotels’ lowest published rates. Or the more than 10,000 hotels where the CLC Lodging Savings Card is accepted.

What can you expect to find on CLC Lodging’s social media sites? We’re featuring just what companies with workforce travelers need, like the latest breaking news in the workforce travel industry.

Don’t miss details about our referral program, coming soon. And watch for the helpful videos we’ll be posting on our YouTube Channel in the near future.

Haven’t signed up for CLC’s Savings Card program yet? Find out how your company can start saving on workforce lodging every time your employees travel.

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