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Q1 is Ending – Is Your Business Making Progress?

Monday, March 26th, 2012

CLC Lodging

Make small changes to meet your business goals

As Q1 2012 draws to a close, how effectively are you managing your small or independent business this year? Hopefully you’re already on top of your company travel expenses by using CLC Lodging’s savings card program, CheckINN Direct, to save 20-40% off room rates at more than 10,000 hotels across the country.

But here are a few other useful tips, courtesy of Barry Moltz writing on openforum.com, who lists 10 steps to accomplish more during your business day. It’s not rocket science, but everyone can use a timely reminder once in a while.

For instance:

  1. Start your day by completing the two things that absolutely must get done today. Whether they’re hard and unpleasant or you just haven’t gotten around to them yet, do them first.
  2. In fact, get those top two items done even before you check your e-mail, voice messages or social media feeds. If it means coming in a little bit early, it’s worth it.
  3. Just do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking diminishes your effectiveness, so stick with one action or task before you move on to the next one.
  4. Stay off Facebook, You Tube and the Internet in general unless you have a plan for what you want to accomplish on a particular site. Each can be a major time drain, so don’t even start unless you can move out of it quickly.
  5. Have an agenda and stop time for every meeting. You’d be surprised how quickly meetings can move with both an agenda and end time.

These tips will help you accomplish more – and save time – during the rest of 2012.

And, just in case your business hasn’t started saving money with CheckINN Direct’s hotel discounts, find out more about how the program works.

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How Your Company Can Pay Lower Hotel Rates

Monday, March 26th, 2012

 If your company has regular workforce travel, be prepared for what’s predicted for hotel prices for the next several years. A new hotel industry report from PKF Hospitality Research (PKF-HR) this month indicates increased occupancy and continuing rising rates.

According to PKF-HR, here are the specifics that likely will impact your company travel budget unless you’re taking advantage of a low-cost lodging solution like CheckINN Direct

  • 4.1 percent gain in average daily room rates
  • 1.6 percent occupancy increase
  • 5.8 percent gain in room revenue for hotels

 Then there’s the news from Smith Travel Research, which PKF-HR says found that the number of hotel rooms purchased by guests in 2011 set a new record. With demand outpacing new hotel construction, PKF-HR says that “U.S. hoteliers have never enjoyed such an extended period of favorable market conditions.”

 Will Your Company Pay More?

 It all adds up to companies with regular workforce travel being squeezed. Unless your company quickly adapts with a new lodging strategy, it’s likely your travelers will pay more and it could be harder to find hotel rooms.

 There is a simple way to start paying lower corporate lodging rates. Your company can sign up for CheckINN Direct, the hotel savings card solution from CLC Lodging.  Find out how it works, sign up online or by phone and you can start saving tonight.


Save Money on Workforce Lodging

  With CLC’s CheckINN Card, your company immediately gets rates that are up to 20-40 percent off  hotels’ lowest published rates. That’s less than your company typically can negotiate on its own – and it’s definitely lower than what you’ll find on the Internet.

 Great savings are why CheckINN Direct customers tell us, “At one hotel, I had negotiated a rate of $100 a night. Your rate is $55 plus tax. That’s really noticeable.”

Think it is too good to be true? Well, more than 50,000 small and independent companies already have signed up for CheckINN Direct so they can take advantage of the same low, negotiated rates typically available only to much larger companies.

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Hotel Pet Peeves – And How to Solve Them

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Travel Powerstrips - Avoid Frustration of Too Few Outlets

Apparently, this experienced workforce traveler isn’t the only one who’s exasperated when there aren’t enough outlets next to the bed to charge my cell phone or laptop. In a recent article by USA Today’s Barbara De Lollis, former press secretary for President Bush, Dana Perino tweets about her hotel pet peeves.

Her laundry list of tweets include:  coffee-flavored hot water and stubbing her toes moving the heavy bedside table to get to an outlet. A few of my pet peeves are dirty towels and cigarette smoke in a non-smoking room.

How to solve them:

Power outlets

  • Pack a compact, travel sized power strip in your lap top case
  • Ask the front desk if they have a spare power strip

Coffee-flavored tea water

  • Pack a coffee urn cleaner packet in your luggage
    • You’ll only need 1/3 of the packet due to the smaller size of hotel coffee makers
  • Go to Starbucks

Dirty Towels

  • Call the front desk and ask for replacement towels
  • Invest in a micro-fiber travel towel – it will dry in a few hours and it’s eco-friendly

Cigarette Smell

  • Report the smoke smell to the front desk
    •  the previous occupant may incur a fine for smoking in a non-smoking room
  • Request a room-change
  • No non-smoking room available?

 Above all, make sure you make the effort to fill out customer surveys or talk directly to the hotel manager. Hotels take customer feedback seriously. Another great way to avoid frustration is to make your next workforce travel hotel stay a CheckINN Direct stay.

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