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Archive for October, 2015

The End of Fleet Maintenance Crises?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

In June 2010, we blogged about an up-and-coming technology: vehicle telematics. It seemed too goodOctober 2015 Blog Picture to be true; Automotive Fleet reported that it could help companies reduce their carbon footprint, including fuel savings of 10 percent. A study by Frost and Sullivan predicted that the growth of fleet telematics would reach $700 million by 2015.

So what kind of impact has this technology made on fleet maintenance and repair costs? Thanks to a recent article by Entrepreneur magazine, we now have a some new insight. Using fleet vehicle powerhouse UPS as a case study, the article cites a remarkable 50% cost reduction on preventative maintenance over
the last five years. The company also saw improvement in vehicle reliability and driver accountability.

Although UPS uses a sophisticated proprietary software, anyone can access similar off-the-shelf technology for a reasonable cost. Just like vehicle telematics, partnering with CLC is a smart choice that will save your company time and effort.

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