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Archive for January, 2016

Oil & Gas: Tech Booms During The Bust

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Travel is an essential component of a day in the life of an oil and gas worker, from roughnecks to welders to risk management specialists. Not only do workers travel far and wide to complete a job, but the industry itself has made an impressive contribution to technology at large.

January 2016 Blog Picture 2Oil and gas workers have a reputation for being independent, self-starters with a knack for problem solving, It’s no surprise that the industry has long been a beacon of innovation. In a recent article from Forbes, Bill Tucker cites the specific technology from GroundMetrics, a company that helps companies pinpoint drilling locations. Technology makes the job simpler and it allows decision makers to be better informed about whether or not to drill at all. Better decisions help companies save money by reducing pre-well costs. For example, PBS reported that Southwestern Energy reduced number of days needed to drill a well from 17 to seven thanks to increased accuracy through software.

Travel may be the sector of the oil & gas industry that has seen the most innovation. From the plains of Kansas to the coast of Alaska, reliable technology is crucial for overcoming the difficulties of management at a distance. Even medical assistance has forged light years ahead thanks to companies like NuPhysica. The telemedicine company uses high-tech video calls to diagnose injured employees and offer treatment solutions. Venturebeat says that NuPhysica saved an oil company $30,000 in emergency transport by diagnosing an offshore rig worker remotely.

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Technology to the rescue in construction hiring deficit

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

In the UK, BIM technology is an industry standard. January 2016 Blog PictureWhile the US has yet to make it mandatory, a new study suggests that the technology could solve more than one problem. The construction industry’s hiring deficit and resulting labor shortage has been a hot topic for the past several years. The root of the problem has been linked to various factors, including an immigrant downturn and lack of training courses. The National Association of Home Builders’ CEO Jerry Howard called it an epidemic, citing that workers who left the industry after the housing bust still haven’t returned, even those who took on positions in the now-lagging oil business.

According to the chief economist of Associated General Contractors, commercial builders are using technology to bridge the gap and boost efficiency. Construction Dive magazine says that Building Information Modeling offers more than just reduced efficiencies; it’s also enticing to younger workers. BIM incorporates gaming technology which gives a new generation a shot at the satisfaction of “real world” building. Plus, these workers are less hesitant to dive into new software, increasing the likelihood of BIM’s permanent application, and finally contributing to the builder’s overall efficiency.

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