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Finding a new loyalty in frequent traveler programs

February 3, 2016 Blog PictureYou may have heard that airlines have been “adjusting” their loyalty programs for the past few years. In fact, in an interview with the Business Journals, Delta’s chief revenue officer said that his company was determined to increase the number of first-class seats sold pre-flight. What that means for everyone is fewer free upgrades, which used to be a silver lining for stressed-out frequent flyers.

Although miles can be treated as cash because they can be turned into airplane trips, magazine subscriptions, and more, they have limitations. Most importantly, airline miles expire. Fortune’s travel blog reported that United Airlines expects 25% of the miles they sell will never be redeemed at all.

Programs from hotels aren’t what they used to be either. Now weary travelers can buy extra loyalty points when booking a room, making it possible to effectively earn rewards by simply giving the hotel brand additional money. It doesn’t seem so bad when you’re at your computer, debating the $10 upcharge to your $180 room, but think of like this: Would you pay more just to get an extra punch on your favorite coffee shop’s loyalty card? Somehow, it doesn’t quite add up.

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