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Small Business Trucking Game-Changing Apps

When it comes to shipment management for small business trucking, a smartphone is a business owner’s best friend. In addition to providing a means of relaxation and entertainment (Candy Crush, anyone?) smartphone apps are helping small companies change the game and improve efficiency.

From savvy startups to big-name tech giants, companies are looking to reinvent the way small business trucking operates.

Convoy is a start-up from SeatAugust 18th Blog Imagetle that aims to create an on-demand shipment management service for truckers.  Local truckers will be given a smartphone app in which they can see and accept shipments that can be delivered in one day. This benefits the trucker by allowing for more deliveries per day and immediately connects the drivers with clients who need goods shipped. The smartphone app will have a added security feature in the interface which allows the clients to follow its product in transit, right on the map.

Blackberry, the one-time leader in the smartphone game, has just launched a new product aimed at helping trucking companies track goods in transit. Blackberry Radar is a product for trucking companies that provides tracking and logistic support. This tracking support has many benefits including reducing cost of operations, improving on-time delivery, and preventing theft. The way the tracking software works is that you install a tracking device on the trailer door of your truck, then the radar sends real-time alerts when the vehicle has driven through a defined area. The radar can also send information on the humidity and temperature levels. It also helps the warehouse workers be aware of when a shipment is going to arrive.

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